Best Nail Decoration Designs Suitable for Marriage

A wedding demands attention in each and every one of its details. Some are impossible to forget because of their relevance and you can even delegate them; others, however, are often overlooked. This is the case of having a nail decoration suitable for marriage. Here are some tips to find the best one.

The stars of the night are usually the dress, the hairstyle, the makeup, the veil and the shoes. However, we can not ignore the relevance of having an appropriate nail dress on the night of our wedding.

Although many may go unnoticed, it is a detail that complements all the beautiful look of the bride. In fact, everyone will see it when you show your ring.

Therefore, it is more than necessary to take the time and choose the color and design that best suits the case. What factors should be considered for this election?

Mainly, all the elements that we mentioned before; but they can also influence the color of the decoration, the place of the wedding – inside or outside – and even the color of the attire worn by the bridesmaids.

As you can see, everything is perfectly combinable and there are endless variants to choose from. Let’s see some of them!

Choose the right nail decoration for marriage

Before jumping directly into nail art, you must evaluate certain details. First, you must choose between natural, acrylic or gel nails. Then, you will have to think about the length.

While long nails look more and expand the range of possibilities in terms of decoration, they are also riskier; They could break when they hit something or even tear the dress.

Once these choices are made, you will be ready to think about the proper nail decoration for marriage. The most popular designs are:

1. Designs with white paint

To match the dress, the nails are usually painted white. There are very beautiful designs and there are from the simplest to the most extravagant.

For example, painting the white tips with small flowers or snowflakes on the body of the nail give an elegant and discreet touch. There are also others who play with the shapes of hearts, either for the finish of the nail as for the rest of it.

Also, you can think of totally white nails with elegant touches, like a horizontal golden line that crosses them symmetrically. The red touches – small – are also a good option.

The nail decoration suitable for marriage is summarized in: simplicity, elegance and sweetness. To achieve it, you just have to pay attention to the details.

2. With accessories

In this case, the nails will become a center of attention in themselves. If you wear a dress, make-up or very eye-catching hairstyle, this touch may add too much to the appearance and be counterproductive.

Anyway, it is undeniable that they are precious designs. The small pearls placed in an S shape on a long nail are a lovely detail.

You can do the same on the edges, you will see that they are excellent. The adhesive strips that simulate to be engagement rings or pendants are also a wonderful compliment, do not hesitate to try them.

You can also join one of these accessories with a painted design of the previous ones. The touch-ups in white with stickers will make you feel beautiful to the tips of your fingers.

The advantage of the relief is that it gives a beautiful appearance, but it can be difficult to care for a whole night. Also, if it is not properly placed, there is a risk that it will come out.

3. Brightness and textures

The white nails with sandy effect, or even others that resemble the design of the dress, look spectacular.

In addition, the designs with brightness enhance the color of your nails and can combine perfectly with dresses and discreet hairstyles. Everything is a matter of experimenting!

Do not forget your feet!

It has happened – and surely will happen for much longer – that some brides who have tried hard to have everything organized, suddenly find something that was left out of the script. He has not fixed his toenails!

So that this does not happen, besides having done the reminder, we offer you some ideas:

  • Avoid lacquers in fluorescent colors: you’ll want stylized nails, but not too flashy.
  • Try to match the color of the dress and shoes.
  • Designs that are too informal, such as animals, letters or stars, are not recommended. Yes, you could try with tiny hearts, but plain paints usually work better. The idea is that the nails accompany the ensemble, not that the suit is the protagonist.
  • The silver or gold lines give a spectacular touch, as in the nails of the hands.

Ultimately, we recommend that you stop and observe and try again. Maybe an idea that seemed good to you does not end up being entirely advisable or vice versa.

In any case, do not miss the opportunity to show off: in the small details you will conquer everyone’s attention. When you see the photo of your hand and the newly placed ring, you will also miss the beautiful nail art that you wore and you will appreciate having searched for a suitable nail decoration for the marriage.

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